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Every nonprofit needs to communicate its value
But what does that really mean?
To thrive, all nonprofits need to convey to those they depend on -- members, funders, advisors, staff, clients, and other key stakeholders -- the value they provide.
Effective communication delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.
Business Communication Strategies helps nonprofits by developing and executing integrated marketing and promotion programs. We often start by performing a perception audit, which determines how key constituencies view and value the organization. This, in turn, helps identify the right messages for those audiences and how to deliver them. 
Our approach works, because we...
  • Focus on your mission. All communications, marketing, and promotion programs support your mission and organizational goals.
  • Develop an integrated approach. We coordinate all messaging to ensure consistency while addressing specific needs of key constituencies.
  • Deliver an efficient solution. Precisely because we don't have to educate, supervise, and manage junior associates, we get more done more quickly.
We developed Massnonprofit News, the pre-eminent online source of news about the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts.
Meet Peter Lowy, principal and founder.

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