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Are you a marketer?

Take this quiz to find out.



a.  Is another word for selling.
b.  Is all the things you do to help a sales occur.
c.  Tells your audience about your products and services.


An ideal background for someone who wants to do marketing is…

a.  Sales.
b .  Finance.
c.  Product management


If I had to rely on two skills, they would be…

a.  Research and strategy formulation.
b.  Idea generation and number crunching.
c.  Listening and organizing.


I know…

a.  What I have to know in order to reach my marketing goals.
b.  What I don’t know and how to learn it.
c.  That I will never know everything about marketing.


My business planning skills are…

a.  Superior to most other people.
b.  On a par with others.
c.  Second in importance to my selling skills.


I make my best decisions based on…

a.  Exhaustively collecting information and assessing the risks.
b.  Getting as much information as I can and acting on it.
c.  Studying how successful organizations achieved their successes.


Flashes of inspiration…

a.  Often lead you astray.
b.  Are what separates good marketers from great ones.
c.  Have their place, but must tie in to business objectives.


Achieving complete customer satisfaction is…

a.  How superior organizations get that way.
b.  The only sure way that companies will succeed in the years ahead.
c.  A worthy goal, but usually not possible to achieve.


Good verbal, listening, and writing skills are…

a.  The foundation of good marketing skills.
b.  Secondary to good people skills.
c.  As important as good technical skills.


Marketing plans…

a.  Are critical because they tell you when you are on/off track.
b.  Provide a general road map, but should be allowed to change.
c.  Aren’t usually followed because often they are unrealistic.

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