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This provider of accounting, financial management, and consulting services had an ambitious growth plan that included a significantly ramped-up outreach program to key prospects and referral sources. But their corporate identity didn't reflect their plans. An identity revamp included a new logo and redesigned website.


A group of individual investors organized to form the first formal angel investor group in Rhode Island and wanted to create an identity that would highlight their focus on investing in local companies. The identity package included development of a website, as well.


Unique among business plan competitions, the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition is supported by a consortium of publicly traded and privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, and public agencies. The logo was designed to allow for easy annual updates.


A Massachusetts investment firm had just concluded a partnership agreement with another organization in Pennsylvania and needed to develop an independent identity for the new venture. A logo was designed and executed within a matter of weeks. Follow-on identity, including letterhead stationery, was also developed.