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This business lender gets most of its business from advisors to other businesses, such as bankers, accountants, and lawyers. It's important that those professionals understand what type of financing the lender provides, as well as the profile of prospective borrowers that the lender will lend to.

This referral guide, designed to fit a business envelope, provides all the relevant information in a concise format.



A healthcare consulting firm was developing a syndicated study on licensing strategy for large pharmaceutical companies and needed a succinct summary of the proposed study, which its business development team would use to sign up participants.

This prospectus provided information on the evolving licensing market, a description of the analysis to be provided in the 200-page report, as well as a description of the data set and companion analytical tools that were to be delivered with the report.


The state of Vermont launched a new online registry that would enable direct care workers who sign up to be hired by individuals and agencies seeking full-time or part-time help. Getting the word out involved a number of tactics, including this payroll stuffer that was included with paychecks sent to all direct care workers in the state. The inserts advertised a series of meetings intended to educate the workers on the new registry. Within two months, more than 200 people had joined the registry.   


This rapidly growing provider of accounting, financial management and consulting services builds its business primarily through one-on-one meetings between with prospects. Still, the company has a need for descriptive sales material. This general introduction, and companion pieces focused on specific markets, provides a brief overview of the company that can be mailed and distributed at conferences, trade shows, and other meetings.


One of the best ways to recruit new workers is by asking employees to recommend people they know. This recruitment poster was developed for a Massachusetts human services agency that needed to hire people to work with people with mental retardation. These workers tend to come from an exceptionally diverse range of backgrounds and often don't realize they will enjoy the work. A word-of-mouth campaign is particularly effective in helping to identify these potential workers.